The Difference That Makes a Difference series of workshops is a forum for interdisciplinary sharing of insights on the nature of information.

In 2015, the DTMD conference will be part of the International Society for Information Studies 2015 conference in Vienna, 3 - 7 June 2015.

The Call for Papers will open shortly.

The first workshop (DTMD 2011) took place in Milton Keynes 7th-9th September 2011 with delegates from across the world and representing a wide range of disciplines.  

This second workshop (DTMD 2013) followed the pattern of the first, with a specific focus on Space, Time and Identity, and a session that asked What is information? A special highlight of this workshop was the artwork session(s), responding to these themes. The final plenary, held in Milton Keynes Gallery, begin with a talk by Luciano Floridi followed by a panel of the session keynote speakers. The whole event was recorded and is freely available to view.

Update, 11 April: DTMD 2013 has now ended. Thanks very much to all who participated and helped it happen. We had 21 speakers from 8 different countries, plus artwork and guest appearances from robots and SecondLife avatars. Recordings will be available soon at the above links. Dave Philips has made available a collection of photos of the workshop.