Programme and proceedings

Introduction to the conference - Magnus Ramage, The Open University, UK

Session 1

Arthur Taylor, Rider University, USA
Information quality and truth: consumerism, deception and the postmodern age.
Abstract | Presentation

Alex Chapman, Southampton University, UK
David Chapman, The Open University, UK
The role of information and values in the participatory analysis of social-ecological systems.

Martin Mosko, Marpa Design Studio, USA
David Paul, University of Denver, USA
Designing for the Tension of Information and Values: The Garden as an Inquiry System

Session 2

Marcus Carney, Academy of Fine Arts, Austria
Letting show....Transverbal migrations between theorizing & practice
Abstract | Presentation

Derek Jones, The Open University, UK
Embodied cognition and information

Magnus Ramage, The Open University, UK
Chris Bissell, The Open University, UK
Cyberneticists at war and peace: wrestling with ethical dilemmas of information

Session 3

Mustafa Ali, The Open University, UK
Orientalism and/as Information: The Indifference That Makes a Difference

Graeme Kirkpatrick, University of Skövde, Sweden
Information and religious sensibility

Extended abstracts can also be found at the proceedings pages of the ISIS summit.