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2007 Nature of Information workshop

The first workshop that was organised within this research programme was held on 8th October 2007, under the title of The Nature of Information. This was an internal workshop for colleagues at The Open University. The workshop was co-chaired by David Chapman and Magnus Ramage. There were 25 participants from six academic departments and two support departments of the university.

The workshop consisted of 11 presentations organised into three sessions, plus a final plenary discussion. Write-ups of the presentations and discussions are linked below.

Session 1: Historical and systems perspective
Magnus Ramage, Communications & Systems: A historical perspective on information in Cybernetics
Chris Bissell, Communications & Systems: Information revolution
Sue Holwell, Communications & Systems: 'Information' 

Session 2: Information handling
Liz Daniel, Business School: Information governance in organisations
Juanita Foster-Jones, Library: Information and libraries: impact of Web 2.0
John Monk, Communications & Systems: Signs & signals
Paul Lefrere, Institute of Educational Technology, Information that matters: Action Analytics

Session 3: ‘Hard’ information
David Chapman, Communications & Systems: Information in telecommunications and art
Paul Piwek, Computing: Logic-based models of information exchange
Tony Nixon, Communications & Systems: Information in quantum computing
Kirstie Ball, Business School: Nature of information in the employment relationship

Session 4: Closing discussion

The workshop resulted in a book, Perspectives on Information, ed. Magnus Ramage and David Chapman (Routledge, 2011). The book contained ten chapters (plus an introduction and conclusion), most based on a heavily amended version of a paper presented at the workshop.